Friday, February 08, 2019

Nolan is 20!

Just like that Nolan is 20!  He has opted for us not to give him gifts,  per se. He will take the money the four of us would have spent on gifts,  and we'll all catch a couple of movies in the upcoming season.

He and Alex (birthday on Monday) both like Panda. We decided to head into Eagle River to Panda Express. We texted the crew to see if they would like to join us. They did.
Jamin, Michael, Stacia, Alex, Josiah, Nolan, Me

 This is a milestone year for both these Gherkins. Nolan turns 20 today; Josiah turns 30 tomorrow.  We'll celebrate all the February birthdays on Sunday.
Blurry phone camera - but I refuse to miss the shot

Larissa arrived bearing  awesome yumminess! Panda allowed us to bring it in for dessert. 

It always does my heart good to catch up with Larissa! 
Larissa, Me, Stacia
We are thrilled as we get to know the man of God, Nolan has become. He's kind and considerate. He's fun to be around. He is thinker. He doesn't jump into things willy-nilly. He's about to be promoted at his first job (in the process of all the tests and background checks). He's evaluating college options.

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