Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Play Date with Benny

Kimber is  a blur! Benny isn't far behind her! They're playing with Kimber's new balls. 

 Arielle texted to see if I could watch Benny today while I was out. Cory had to work, Benny was a bit sniffly....I said yes. I knew Dad would love to see Benny...but they were all in bed when I got home. I put a note on his mirror - he's often up in the night.  I told him I'd be watching Benny and if he were ready to go at 0800 he could come with me. I also suggested he could call when he was up and I'd bring Benny over - usually around 10 or so.

Dad was up! We headed off for our grand adventure! Here Benny tells Dad, "GG, Cory wrestles me."  I told Dad he was going to need to up his game. ::snort::

Benny is potty training. I wanted a bit of privacy....but look at this...the FINGERS! I haven't had this experience in about 10 years!

His little voice, and the fingers under the door, made my day. 

We played lots of games. We gave this one to Benny at Christmas and he wanted to play it. I'm not sure how one is supposed to play, but we picked cards and said what they were...and we rolled the dice a lot...there seems to be no connection to rolling the dice and the rest of the game. LOL
 We also played a "version" of Candyland. 

They decided to watch "Dinosaurs." 

Benny  keeps busy helping us old folks off the floor, weather its due to work out or movies. 

All the toys had to come off the shelf once again. A boy can never clean the shelves too often. LOL

He painted another beautiful picture. 

Then there's this game....a toilet game...with a plunger. I told Dad, "I think this is a potty training game."

Then Benny began flushing and plunging and it shot....product...from the tank....maybe not a very good potty training game. Or one can hope it's not predictive of his toilet days.

GG stretched out on the couch and took a nap. Benny wanted to watch Curious George, which I couldn't find. I laid down with him and cuddled in the play/craft/guest room and we both fell asleep.

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