Friday, April 10, 2020

It Started with a Zoom Coffee Date

A lot can happen during a Zoom coffee date. 
One minute left....oh! You're going to 3 Bears? 

Fun, connection, honest sharing....ultimately love extended and received. 

I have made Zoom time available every week  to continue our Bible study and for coffee dates for the few who desire a bit of extra visiting. During Bible study we share....focused around what the Holy Spirit is teaching each on of us in the Word....there are 13 - 15 of us on the can be a hard venue for the easily distracted. ::snort:: Ahem - I resemble that comment. During our Zoom coffee chats we let the conversation flow and ramble...and it's good...and we try not to complain about how much we miss getting together in person - with hugs. 

As the timer counted down Sandy shared she was going to 3 Bears to pick up a case of on sale hamburger. I immediately commented, "We should all  show up at the same time - flash mob at 3 Bears and I promise not to hug anyone."  Jessie laughed and said I sound like a video clip she'd found. She shared it on Facebook (click the link for a laugh). I shared I have discovered I'm a "social shopper." Picking up groceries is great, but I LIKE greeting people in the store, random conversations with strangers and most of all running into someone I know. 

After the zoom, I continued to think.  I only buy meat when its on sale. I have no hamburger at all at home. We have been eating steadily through our stock as I've not bought meat since this began. I'm not shopping the sales - just getting what I NEED on click list. I called the store and they don't do pick up orders or bring orders out to the car. A case of hamburger at $2.19 a lb sounded more and more was getting to 3 Bears at the same time Sandy would be there. I decided to do it. This is the first time I've been IN a store for over 2 weeks. 

Stacia came with me and we headed to 3 Bears. We picked up our meat and hadn't run into Sandy. I texted to see if she'd already come. She was on her way. Check us out with our masks. Does anyone else feel conspicuous wearing a mask? 

Rose! Rose was there. I didn't expect to get to see Rose. 

Jessie AND Sandy made their way to the back of the store. I was so happy I may have leaked a tear...mostly I was loud and know how I can be when I'm excited.  Masks do help to hide inevitable snorting. 

It was so good to see friends...we didn't get closer than 6 feet...and we all had masks on. It was worth having to take a shower and change clothes back at home.

Rose texted later and I shared how surprised I was to see her and Jessie too. She said they'd wanted to surprise was a great surprise.

These friends blessed me and it all started on Zoom. 

AND I finally got someone sane to help me unravel Dad's insurance mess. I'm assured he'll have insurance by the 20th of April. 

It was a great day. I can easily handle another week of this. Really staying home is not that hard. Right? 

Pandemic Facts
I've decided it's a bit depressing to share these each night....but I do know at some point in the future we may want to remember. I'll share from time to time. In Alaska we continue to have around 10 - 15 new cases each day. Certainly NOT a big number...but a number I'd hope to see go DOWN...we have had another new death. We have had over 1000 deaths each day in the US this week. I get it - that's a statistically small number, but it wears on me none the less....and yes, even if it were "just the flu" that number would wear on me....BUT we're seeing these numbers while we stay at home, businesses closed.... There HAS been a flattening of the curve....Nationally the numbers of "predicted" deaths has gone from 100-200K to 61K  "if we all stay home until the end of May." Great progress - still an amazing number to me as we are all shut down...all but 9 states I guess.

A great thing pandemic related which happened today was the state of Alaska's day of prayer and fasting....I really appreciated the broadcast.

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