Tuesday, April 07, 2020

March? Where did it GO?

Day 987 in captivity....I mean G Dog hasn't left the house in a month....The rest of us are starting our third week, I think.  Maybe. The days are really a blur. Nolan is working, working, working....I'm amazed how many are going out for their burgers. LOL

It's unbelievable how differently than expected this month has been. Our governor had said the stay in place/travel ban would be re-evaluated on April 11th. I appreciate the thought. Realistically, we are not going to be having a big family Easter dinner this year.  It's o.k. We're all well. The rest of you probably accepted this fact before I did.

I spent an hour arguing with Dad's previous supplemental insurance - again. I deleted 3 paragraphs where I vented. LOL  I told them I was going to contact my congressmen and get a lawyer who deals with Senior/Medicare issues as I know this is simply not right. I've been asking for a letter stating when and why they disenrolled him so he can get new insurance. He NEEDS medical care and we're waiting for a letter. His application at the new insurance has timed out. I have to begin it all again and still they haven't sent the letter. Five times I've been told it was going out "today." I have names, dates, reference numbers. They have passed me on to the escalation team - but I can't SPEAK directly with anyone from that team or the resolution team. I have to call member services and be read the same script over and over...always told it will be in the mail....and today I was told it was never mailed. They tell me it will take 7 days for them to get around to faxing it to me. I am determining if I will wait 7 days....and drop it if it comes...or contact "someone" to complain about how ridiculous this is.

What do you all think about Zoom? I am finding it disconcerting not to be able to look into eyes when teaching...or to have people stay in PLACE. Someone begins to speak, I look where there square WAS, and someone else is THERE. ::snort:: It does add a bit of excitement to the study. LOL
So fun to talk with everyone! 13 of us....well 14 Bonnie WAS there.  
Some of our ladies can't get into Zoom - and we miss them.  While there are things that drive me crazy about trying to really "connect" on Zoom, I am crazy thankful for technology tools. Sadly, Bible study may well be over before we are meeting in person again....we may just have to have a party.

Anyway - the days blur.  Krista worked, walked and made masks. Stacia did school, crafted, worked out, and cooked dinner. Michael worked in the wood shop. Alex worked on school. Dad read.

Pandemic Facts: 
  • 22 new cases in Alaska yesterday. We are at 213 now. Still low compared to many places - but we'd hoped numbers would stop by now. Or I had. 
  • 805 new cases in the US. 
  • 1,921 deaths yesterday. 12, 907 deaths in the U.S. 

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