Thursday, July 23, 2020

Day 6 of Dip-Netting 2020

We've been here five nights and today we will leave. But, FIRST, we will process the fish from the final tide. 


This is OUR catch.  Others are in the future years, we bring a bigger freezer. 

We break down camp. 

Josiah left and came back with ice and ICE CREAM...the perfect way to end our time together before everyone gets on the road. 

Back at home, Benny supervises the unpacking of all the fishing gear....

Looking back at this trip from the vantage point of 2022, I am even more thankful for the week. This was our real chance to get to know Luke and Carrie and Liv. It's fun to know that both have married into the family...and they are integral parts of the family....and that assimilation all began on a fishing trip in 2020. LOL 

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