Monday, October 19, 2020

And Then There Were Apples!

 This week there were apples!!!!  In the end there were 40 quarts of applesauce, 6 bags of dried apples,  3 bags of apple chips, and one tray of fruit roll ups. 

But first....there was this.

I have been waiting for apples on sale for .99, but I caved. I am not sure we're going to see them that cheap this year. These were YUMMY....and $1.79 a lb. I bought 5 cases - 100 lbs - $179 dollars....I didn't save a lot of money processing them myself...but they are all added sugar free. Dad likes to eat applesauce, Stacia and I use it in our oatmeal, and we replace oil with it as well in some baking recipes. 

I spent  12 hours on Friday making sauce and canning, canning, canning. I WILL FIND A SECOND CANNER BEFORE NEXT YEAR.  I also started a dehydrator load of fruit roll ups and apples drying.   Krista provided me a burst of energy when she got home and began helping....and then she got GG involved. 

Saturday and Sunday I finished the apple slices....we turned 4 cases into sauce and used 1 case for the rest.  One reason I caved on buying apples is the BOXES are great for storing our potato harvest.  But then I've not written about the garden or the big harvests this year yet.....

Note - this is the first time I used the Victorio Food Strainer. The waste spout broke. I've ordered a new part. I'm going to have to look for one with MEDAL parts...and the little motor to add to this is looking better all the time. Though I DID get a bit of an arm workout in. LOL 

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