Saturday, October 10, 2020

Welcome Home & Birthday Celebrations

 Dad came home Thursday. Friday we settled in. Saturday, we had everyone but Jamin (who had cold symptoms), Nolan (who had to work),  and JaRissa (who live in Juneau), over for a Welcome Home/Birthday Celebration. Our October birthdays are Larissa and Carrie. Larissa isn't here...but we remembered her anyway. LOL 

The table, and our hearts, were full. Aaron was over to check on building a ramp and he and Elise stayed and celebrated with us. 

Stacia made an ice cream cake for Carrie...and we still had 1/2 the welcome home cake too. It takes 3 male Gherkins to properly light a cake - 2 to light and 1 to cheer. 

Note to self - check to be sure photos aren't blurry so they can be retaken. Carrie was a sport and wore the old party hat! Corrie assured her it's only strange the first time. ::snort:: 

Cory had put out a call for those who would participate in the one chip challenge with him. I do NOT foresee this becoming a part of our traditions. Oy vey! The heat - the smell....the courage. 
Cory, Alex, Krista & Aaron - 1 Chip Challenge

It was a fun night. Dad decided to go to bed at 6:20 p.m. That was o.k. Carrie has clinicals now and has to leave her home at 0500....and we were all a bit worn out...

If you'd like to LISTEN to the challenge....

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