Thursday, November 12, 2020

Quarantine Irony

 This is finished! It's lovely. Michael had Aaron use metal grating so the snow and ice melts through....Aaron did a great job.

The irony is that we ARE QUARANTINED and can't use the ramp. We've waited so eagerly for it to be done! LOL 

We are enjoying the Christmas Tree up before Thanksgiving...maybe it will become a new tradition. LOL 

It was a blast from the past to find these pottery ornaments the kids made back in 2002 at the Elmendorf Arts and Crafts center. 

Stacia and I got OUTSIDE today and took a walk to the mailbox...1 1/2 miles in the OUTSIDE. It was great. We came in contact with NO ONE. 

Thus ends another day in Quarantine. 

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