Friday, April 30, 2021

And FINALLY....the One with a Zillion Random photos... it is....the "catch up" post.  Random glimpses of life since 16 that don't fit in other posts and maybe should just be left on the camera. LOL 

Nolan and Jamin BOTH made it home on Sunday the 18th.  It ironic they both fell asleep in the living room. I guess they come home when they're ready to crash! LOL 


Alex called in and was told he didn't need to show up for jury duty. 

I've been slowly testing my feet out...frankly they hurt all the time, I may as well walk a bit. Ice, Ibuprofen, stretches, inserts and new shoes. I'm walking 1.5 miles most mornings. 

Stacia wanted to go for a run. I went along for a bike ride....enjoying the weather. 

Our home was visited by a red robed monk? Nah, it's Stacia's birthday gift to Allie. This thing is amazing...a blanket with a hood, cuffs and pockets. 

Allie turned 17. 

Millie was on hand to be helpful! 

I don't know...maybe a bone? 

I continue to nudge Grandpa out for a walk every few days. He loves the ability to sit down when he wants to. LOL 

Selfie's are a challenge.

Alex pulls trampoline parts from the ice and sets up the trampoline. We moved it around for a few days to aid in melting the snow under it. Yeah - it's an Alaskan thing they aiding of spring. 

Nolan is working on his 3rd class for this session of WGU. The VA requires him to finish 18 credits every 6 months. He's pushing....I think the sun was a great help. 

I don't have photos but this would be as good a spot as any to mention how hard Stacia and Allie are pushing with school. I'm proud of them. They are up early and sticking to their schedules.  I think they may both finish this year's work early in May. Then it will be up to me to get the paperwork done. LOL 

Millie  knows when the "forever treat" comes out she is either going to be banned from the table or go into the kennel. 

Selfie anyone? 

Walks are slow, because walking is slow....and also because Dad loves to pick up rocks along the way. 

The chickens are very happy to be out in the yard again! The rooster, Pietro, keeps flying over the fence and then racing along the fence line all day. He can't seem to figure out how to get back inside the fence. 

The adult Gherkins know they are ALWAYS welcome to drop by - and they do. We see Arielle and the boys quite often. Cy, Carrie and Livie usually drop by on the weekends. Jamin drops in when he's got a house to show in the valley or a moment to breathe....but once a month we have a family dinner. The idea is to celebrate any holidays, birthdays and anniversaries on that date. This month I FORGOT to roll them all together so we had Easter dinner with everyone, BreZaak invited us all over to celebrate Bella...but we decided to take advantage of Allie turning 17 to get together for another family blow out. CoRielle were in Washington and BreZaak couldn't make it...but the rest of us had a fun night together. 

We SORELY miss Bre when it's time to sing Happy Birthday....we may need to get some vocal lessons.

Livie is willing to help blow out the candles...and sympathizes
with Allie over the pig hat. 

All told Allie had 3 celebrations - I think she has well and truly had a birthday! LOL 

Michael is shoring part of the row boat. He will add handles which will make it easier for us to carry, and allow us to add a trolling motor. 

The girls and I hung our hammocks  - and promptly were called into battle with the giant mosquitoes. The mosquito magnet will eventually catch up with them - or so we hope. 

View from the hammock

WHUT? Look what showed up on my van! 

 Have I mentioned how very happy I am to be able to walk outside again in the mornings? 

We ordered a few dresses for the girls to try for the upcoming wedding.....

Since Alex didn't have jury duty he took advantage of a bit of time off to reconnect with chickens, to work out, to play video games and  help out with a couple of projects around here.  Who knew chickens could be so "centering." 

Another walk...they probably don't walk with me because they don't want a photo with morning hair. 

Stacia has begun playing with ideas for a small wedding cake....

Millie is willing to try out her new bed if the humans will join her.

It's been a full couple of weeks....and it is only going to get busier as the weather changes and we move OUTSIDE. 

*I'm nearly caught up....I need to back date a post on produce and Millie....nearly caught up. 

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