Saturday, June 05, 2021

First Mowing of 2021

 It happens every spring. 

We breathlessly wait for the yard to green up. 

Overnight it greens and GROWS...and the mowing is on. The first mowing of this season took over 25 man hours to complete. I manned the push mower for the orchard and around the perimeter and in close places - like the swing set, hammocks and around the fire ring. Allie and Stacia set to with the weed eaters. Michael and Arielle took turns on the riding mower. 25 hours!!! The grass was tall - so we had to empty the bags OFTEN. 

We don't live in a manicured neighborhood - even so, we probably are a couple of weeks behind. We've been putting most our man hours on Michael's project...but we have an outside bridal shower to it's time to move the mowing to the top of the list. 

Grandpa pulled dead leaves off this cherry tree. (It's August 4th and I can report we have lots of cherries). 

Allie catches the vision....and sets to with the weed eater. 

Benny is our youngest laborer - and he's the one that thinks it is the best fun! 

We didn't get it ALL done - I'm not sure we've ever seen it ALL done at the same time....this will wait for another day....

This IS done. LOL 

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