Saturday, February 26, 2022

Crafting with Baachan - Sorta

 One thing led to another, as it often does. I had been thinking about the need to run to the next town over to buy some crafting supplies. I didn't really want to leave the house.  I pulled out some crocheted snowflakes I purchased on 75% clearance last month and wasn't 100% happy with them. I remembered the big roll of newsprint Michael had gotten for us when we picked up rolls for the grands....

Millie had to get in the middle of my project. 

I set Stacia to work cutting, cutting, cutting. 

Allie made these snowflakes and then cut it into 3 strands. 

Did you guess what we made? An Iditarod Tree. March means the Iditarod. Our outside Christmas lights will be up until the last dog reaches Nome.  Bre and Arielle both took their trees down in the last week or so. I heard regret and so resisted taking mine down. LOL  It was covered with buffalo check burlap and red we contemplated what our March tree should look like we settled on the Iditarod over St. Patrick's Day. 

Cutest tree topper yet

Working on this brought home all the school supplies we gave away when we thought we were moving to Japan. I could sure use a nice laminator now! 

We aren't sure if this will be the last tree of the year...spring arrives on March 20th....maybe we'll take the tree down when the last dog reaches Nome....and put it up again in the fall. LOL 

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