Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Glorious Spring

 Grandpa woke up several times in the night.  He had said he was nauseated and tired. He hasn't thrown up but he's made all the sounds every few hours. How? I don't know. I heard him tell a friend this afternoon he had a sore throat and headache but he hadn't mentioned them to us...

Anyway, since I WAS up early and Dad had gone back to bed, I headed out for a morning walk. I went 2.3 miles and it felt wonderful. We are going to try me going out at 0500 and see if  I can be home before Grandpa wakes up. 

The rest of the morning was filled with caregiving and chick caring for me.  Michael had an appointment. I did get another 78 seeds planted.  I'm really hoping these 3 trays will germinate out here. 

The "kids" - which now consist of 3 adults and a soon to be 17 yo -  have been waiting for there to be a time for me to join them at the movie theater. I wanted to see Dr. Strange...and I enjoyed it...though I've not seen Spiderman and I guess that was a prerequisite. LOL  We caught the matinee and then had just enough time to grab a quick dinner and head to the church for youth group and Bible Study. 

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