Monday, August 22, 2022

Mani & Sushi

One more birthday celebration? Why YES...Krista gave Stacia a trip to the spa, dress up and dinner at her favorite Japanese restaurant. Stacia was allowed to bring a friend...Allie was working on the only day Krista had off and so she chose me! 

Stacia's first mani

Krista got a pedi

Krista sprung for us to get hot wax on our hands, here we sit with our hands wrapped in hot wax and "mittens" which are really hot pads.  

I had a horrible time with the chair. I realize I'm ditzy, but the gentlemen could have helped me. I sat down and the chair kept rolling away from the table. I kept grabbing the table and scooting it forward. When they put the mittens on, I could no longer pull myself forward or grab the edge of the table to keep from rolling. Stacia told me to scoot back in the chair. I told her my feet weren't touching the ground, I couldn't use my hands and my bum muscles weren't strong enough to scoot me back. It was momentous - the first time I heard Stacia snort. Finally, when he was taking the wax off my hands, the gentlemen calmly said, "There is a lever on the side." Um...he couldn't have said that 30 minutes earlier? ::snort:: Someone very tall had been using the seat before me. Once I lowered it, my feet were on the ground, and I quit rolling. Now I know. LOL  The wax was divine. I'm still picking it out of my rings. LOL 

After dinner we went out to Sakura's for yummy Japanese food....I missed the dress up memo. I'm not sure how. Aren't they lovely? 

I have been focused on back blogging in my spare moments. It has taken HOURS to upload, then download, then select and edit photos for August 2020. I remember they were texting and asking if I'd like to go, I put it on the calendar as mani and sushi but somehow, I thought we would go to Reuben Haus. ::snort::  After a leisurely dinner we headed back to our town and decided to stop in and see Allie and Nolan. We didn't want to be "that" family - the one that stops in without we shared a dessert. 

Other than gifts still coming from Amazon Prime, I think her 17th birthday celebrations are completed. A word about Amazon....some things come in 4 days....some things in 4 weeks. I've given up trying to figure it out. 

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