Friday, September 02, 2022

And That's a Wrap

Allie has finished her second week of college. No, I don't plan weekly updates at all. HOWEVER, maybe this once....

The new work schedule works well with her added classes. She enjoys being able to volunteer with youth as well as attend life group. She is still working 27 hours a week.  She has 4 days "off" each week for school, life and family. 

I don't know that we blogged about Allie's college changes. It turned out the program the University of Northern Colorado ACCEPTED her into (ASLEI) is only available if you ENTER with 30 liberal arts credits. Through no fault of Allie's, the college's admissions department had put her into an upper program and listed her as a residential student. She began calling this to their attention in April.  To further complicate matters the UNC doesn't offer liberal arts credits online. This is beyond odd as we have discovered those are the FIRST credits most universities offer online.  Allie had to switch gears in June and figure out how she wanted to get 2 years of liberal arts credits and more college level ASL before applying once again to their ASLEI program. Options were presented, discussed and discarded...local college, residential in Colorado, online....we offered up the three online programs often used by military members....Wayland Baptist, University of Maryland and Liberty University...because we knew they are accredited and accepted in the educational community. We also knew all 3 online programs have been around for decades and have their programs and best practices in place.  In June she made SURE she was switched at UNC from residential to online student, and planned to take only ASL with them, and re-apply as a transfer student after she has the 30 liberal arts credits. I was part of these zoom meetings and KNOW Allie told them repeatedly about this issue starting in April when we realized the mistake had been made.  We did not know about the requirement for 30 liberal arts credits until July, because they had ACCEPTED her into the program.

Allie explored her options. She chose Liberty University. Liberty was amazing....their process is streamlined. They knew exactly what she needed to do. They had the financial aid and entire application process finished within 3 days. 

Allie planned to take an ASL class at UNC as she'd already tested into the class. She is taking 12 liberal arts credits from Liberty University. 

Fast forward to THIS WEEK when Allie received another notice from her advisor at UNC that she was listed as a residential student, and SHE needed to take care of this before she was charged residential rates? WHAT???? I saw the paperwork, I was on the zoom with this individual and two others when Allie told them all she had withdrawn from residential, was going online at Liberty and would take one ASL class from UNC.  She did all they told her to do, THEY SAID IT WAS TAKEN CARE OF....but here we were in August STILL dealing with the issue we began bringing to their attention in April.  She called registration and was told the very lady sending the email needed to fill out a specific form to switch Allie. There was nothing Allie needed to do. She called the advisor back and let her know she needed to turn in her form before Allie could be switched. 

Meanwhile there were some concerns with the online ASL class Allie had started. This combined with continued inefficiency and drama at UNC led Allie to drop the ASL class at UNC. They finally apologized for the crazy mix ups and said they welcome her applying again in a couple of years. 

Allie will continue her ASL studies locally and when she reapplies for the ASLEI program she will be able to test for placement again. No loss, she'll test even higher, I'm sure.  They will have 2 years to work out the kinks of their hybrid program. One kink was that the link to register as an online student funneled you to a residential program. LOL  It all escalated from there.  

How has the first two weeks gone for Allie as a Liberty student? She made 100% on her first assignment - a screen writing class.  She has made 98 - 100% on all assignments and quizzes. She's loving the class material. She is thriving in the discussion boards required for the classes.  She is home more often and continuing to work 27 hours.... it's all coming together. 

AND - she was awarded a $1500 scholarship from the National ASL society to be used towards college. I think this means her second semester is covered....and saving has begun for the summer semester. 

Run, baby girl, run! 

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