Friday, June 30, 2023

Ending a Busy Week

 Can this really be the LAST DAY OF JUNE? What happened to all the projects on our summer list? ACK. We are going to have to kick ourselves into a faster pace. 

Today was the last day of Farm Loop's VBS. Stacia has been driving herself each morning. Bre's oldest three have been attending. Late last night I received a text from Bre asking if I would give the three kids a ride to VBS. They are still down to one vehicle.  I got up early and drove Stacia to VBS. She needed to be there an hour before the kids. I stopped for a tea and then headed over to visit with Bre for a few minutes and pick up the kids. 

I came home and got a roast in the instant pot, cleaned up the kitchen, took care of chickens and then it was time to run back and pick up the kids and Stacia.  We had just one hour before Stacia needed to be home for her Japanese lesson. We ran to the library to pick up books she had on hold, to the pharmacy to get GG's meds and then we stopped at a favorite lunch haunt. Reuben Haus is only open 4 days a week during the summer....and not at any other time of the year. It's a hardship.😉 We've not visited yet this year. Today felt like a good day to stop.  We hadn't been able to go out for breakfast and I knew there were several things to process together. I'm so proud of the steps Stacia is taking on the road to healing from anxiety and PTSD left from the quake in Japan. As a wise woman reminded us, "Healing isn't liner," and we took the time to put a set back this week in the right perspective. It's a stop along the journey and what positive can be gleaned from the experience....

Yes, I AM wearing a sweatshirt on the last day of June. I can't believe how cool and rainy this summer has been.  We headed home for Japanese, to touch base with Allie and to visit with GG as Michael headed to the church for sermon prep. 

Neither of us felt like a big dinner. I fixed a dinner encore presentations of pasta salad, Halibut, biscuit and salad for Dad/GG. The two of us settled for a pretzel...and it was perfect. Comfort food after a very long week. We tried to watch a new show and a comedy. We weren't satisfied with either - but the pretzel was perfect. LOL 

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