Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fort Stevens

As we are staying in the state park, this was a totally free day of sightseeing. We toured the visitor center, watched a film on the bombing of Fort Stevens by the Japanese I-25 submarine in June 1942, and then walked and walked and WALKED around the ruins of Civil War Earthen  "Emplacements," WW 2 Batteries, and the remnants of a WW2 Army post. I had read Fort Stevens had a "replica of a Clatsop village." I eagerly watched for it as we walked around the beautiful compound.
Fort Stevens was named in honor of Maj General Isaac Ingalls Stevens, killed in action in July 1862. The fort was completed April 8, 1865, one day before the Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox. It went on to serve as an Army post in WW1 and WW2. `

This was a lot of walking and climbing. Truthfully, about 2/3 of the way through the day  (3 hours) I looked like Michael does when I'm shopping at the mall. All the batteries looked the same, I wanted to sit on a bench and wait for him and it seemed we'd NEVER get to the last item on the map - I think there were 39.

Japanese Sub I25 on OR coast
Playing Hogan's Heroes
"Powder Room"
A gun

Last to leave the chapel wherever we are
Dark tunnels and hallways - photo taken to illuminate area - thus Stacia's grip on Nolan
Stevens Battery
Hands on learning

I kept persevering as I knew we hadn't reached the replica of the Clatsop Village ....turns out it was #39 on the walking tour...then I saw it...a sign....and this is all that was there....I'm not sure one log counts as a replica.  At least it was at the site of the village....

This is not a replica of a Clatsop Village - but it was cool

Forgive the whine - I had one hour of sleep last night as Yuuki was determined to get outside and chase raccoons. They were tormenting her. I did enjoy the 0315 look at the stars as I walked her.  Maybe if I'd been more rested, I wouldn't have tired so quickly? I probably would have remembered to pack a lunch - which would have helped too. ::grin::

The area IS beautiful! The weather was WARM.  We learned lots of new things. We didn't realize Fort Stevens was shelled by a Japanese sub...and that it was the first time since 1812 that America had been attacked on the continent......We hadn't realized bombs were dropped by Japan on the forests in Oregon and Washington in the hopes of starting fires..... We were able to talk to a lady who was 5 years old when the attack came....her memories of black out curtains, birthday cake eaten in the dark et al, brought history alive.

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