Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bandits at 9 O'clock

Posted by MEG

We had a nice evening sitting around the campfire, enjoying the  clear skies, eating s'mores.  Nolan and I played a round of cribbage.  I had a great night - Nolan probably does not want to go on the record on this one except maybe a bit of grumbling about a massive mugging.  (Yeah, you got to play to know what that is all about.)

 Everyone had gone inside.    It was around 9 o' clock when Nolan noticed a critter on the picnic table.  A raccoon had gotten up on the picnic table and stole a bag of graham crackers while Nolan and I were sitting not more than six feet away.  These were some rather bold interlopers.  We got a couple of pics before we called it a night.  Before going in, though, we made sure all of the compartments were shut and locked.

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Liz Ackley said...

They are cute little bandits!