Monday, November 16, 2015

Nolan Learns a New Trick

The guys are home! We're ecstatic. I was curious how they would feel coming back to a trailer after their hiatus in Alaska.  They seem to be happy to be back in our snug, tiny, cozy home.  They came bearing the perfect gift!

Alaska Socks - we LOVE our socks!
They also brought home a renewed driver's license for Michael and a brand new learner's permit for Nolan. While the younger two worked on a few birthday surprises for Michael - shhhhh...... he and Nolan went driving. 

 The game is ON - who will be freeway ready first.? Nolan in the van or me in the trailer??????? Place your bets - o.k. not really this is not a gambling site. My bet's on Nolan! 


grandmaveggie said...

Just a thought - maybe you already checked this out. Learner's permits are generally only valid in the state of issue. I found this out AFTER Debra & Heidi helped me drive through WY & CO on MT learner's permits.

Prayers & blessings!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

We've looked online and asked in forums and what seems to be the hang up is the AGE of your driver. Some states allow 14 yo to have permits and they won't be allowed to use them in states they visit unless that also allows 14 yo. CA requires 15 and 6 months....Nolan is 16. However, CA also required driver's ed before you could get a permit, driving school time after the permit and a host of other I'll call and be SURE....