Sunday, January 24, 2016

Turning 52

I woke up with You Make Beautiful Things, playing in my mind. A beautiful song - especially meaningful to me as it was a song I listened to a lot after the Tsunami in Japan. It was also the background to a slide show about the recovery/youth missions at chapel in that season.

Nothing was set in stone, but after our planned but cancelled, vision trip in July 2015 to Tokyo, I assumed we'd be in Japan by my 52nd birthday. Some days the longing is big - today is one of those days. I continue to rest in the knowledge that God has a good plan and He will reveal it step by step. 

Sunday mornings can be hard around here. If we run into another camper in the shower house - it throws us off. We actually MADE IT TO CHURCH BEFORE 0900 TODAY!!!!! I consider that a cosmic birthday gift. We enjoyed another wonderful morning celebrating Jesus with The Rivers in Yuba City. I'll need to say more about this church in another post. 

Back at the campground, I opted for a nap. Michael took the laundry and braved the hoards....the playoff game was a perfect time to wait for laundry. Go Broncos. 

I was able to chat with all the kids - that's always an accomplishment and a highlight to any celebration. 

I'm not currently eating sugar. I had decided before embarking on this season I'd break for birthdays this year - if I wanted to. Michael began asking what sort of cake I'd like and I realized I didn't want one. What I REALLY wanted was a night without rain so we could enjoy the kids' Christmas fire pit.... s'mores seemed the perfect stand in  for a cake. We were blessed to do just this. 

Alex helpfully held a flashlight so I could see who each gift is from. Stacia got me some ERASABLE color pencils. I didn't even know they made them. She and I have been coloring together. I love the thought that goes into her gifts. 

I kept "things" to a minimum in the Caboose. I inadvertently bought two hot pads that should have been tossed when we moved out of our house. Alex got me two really lush oven mitts. The hot pads have been tossed. The one of the right says, "Life is beautiful, enjoy the ride."

I've been putting kitchen towels over the stove top to let dishes air dry. I don't want a drainer in my limited space. Nolan purchased this drying mat - fits perfectly over the stove top. It's also a color other than brown. LOL

My baby Bosch spent both the birthday and Christmas budget for me. Michael got me a couple of things anyway. I've been wanting an instant thermometer - and am thrilled to have one now. The Super woman shirt....well.....I'm happy to have the kids and Michael view me that way. One does feel a bit egotistical wearing the shirt.

Check out the hat. Stacia knitted it for me. She's been "reading" an AWFUL lot this week with her curtain closed. I've checked on her often and she always looked a bit sketchy to me. I worried - but now I get it. She was making me a hat to match my sweatshirt as the one she made me before is "only white."  The sifter is another gift from Michael as the Vitamix leaves a few wheat berries.....

Yes, they sang Happy Birthday and then I attempted to blow out the fire. 

We ended the day by streaming an episode of Leverage. Don't judge. We finished Monk and wanted something to end our days. 

It was a great day to reflect on another year....I'm healthy, I'm happy. I'm going to be a granna this year.  The day was a good balance of worship, community, family and fire. 


Anonymous said...

Sis: love the pictures. yes, you kids do come up with very thoughtful gifts. love it.

you day sounds like it was delightful. dad/I do identify with you about Japan. We still have days we want to be in the PI's. those days I just check on the friends we have on FB to see what they are up to. :) :) :)

Lookin forward to seeing you in April and Izaack/Bre's little girls appearance. :) :) :)

love/prayers to you and yours. mom t.

Cynthia said...

AH.. Monk.. haven't seen an episode in years, but used to enjoy it and have also watched a few Leverage! Happy Birthday, again!