Monday, January 25, 2016

Road Trip to the VA

What could be better on a Monday morning than a little road trip? The boys opted to stay at the Caboose and work on school. Michael, Stacia and I headed for Solano County.  It felt wonderful to be "on the road" and "going somewhere."  Was their a purpose for this road trip other than viewing this fantastic county office building? 
LOVED the windows and staring out of upper floor office windows
 Yes! We determined eBenefits was NOT going to be the best way for us to track this VA compensation claim. We had received a "nasty gram" from the VA and it took us two weeks to contact someone who could tell us what it meant - absolutely nothing they said. But, we were unsettled and not sure which of the three varying answers we received was MOST accurate. It was time to bring in outside help - either a Veteran's Service Organization (VSO) Rep or a lawyer specializing in VA compensation claims. Our budget led us to the first choice.  We visited a Veteran Services Organization and signed up a rep from American Legion - Bill Alcarez to represent us. He comes highly recommended and we really enjoyed talking with him.   He will be able to see much more than turns up on eBenefits and will help us navigate the craziness of VA Math. ::snort:: He is hopeful this will be settled in 9 - 12 months. He agreed we can begin traveling as soon as the initial intake appointments are done with the VA.  He'll track it and stay in contact with us.

Now, THIS looks like California! 
We jetted to Travis AFB to check out their AMC  terminal and their Fam Camp. We decided we like Beale's Fam Camp better....cheaper, surrounded by fields, larger opposed to pristine pavement and manicured grass - immediately off busy streets, surrounded by buildings and a school.

I fought a migraine all day and went directly to bed when we got home. The boys were on a trek to the library and Michael and Stacia went on a great sun-set walk. Photos will be forthcoming when "the man" selects the ones he wants to post.

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