Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Transition Day

Every time we get together - there will be a transition a day. A day when we move from having all the Gherkins "home" - or in this case in one location - to being just us five again.  Today is that day.

This was a three trip day to the Airport! 

The girls, Michael and I left the house at 0340.  They are safely home. 

Seen through a glass. 

Stacia, Michael and I came back to the Bunkhouse and grabbed a quick nap. We were back at the Fam camp at 0840 to pick up the boys. We cleared the cabin.  We made our way to the airport for Jamin to pick up a rental car and say his goodbyes.

He left for the 5 hour drive back to College Station where he has one more year left on his second graduate degree. He has made it safely home. 

We headed once again to the Bunkhouse. Josiah spent the morning/afternoon with us. He booked us a  replacement cruise - Nov 2016.  2:30 p.m. came far too quickly and it was time to head to the airport for the third time today.

Does he really look like a man who needs his hands swabbed? ::snort:: 

I did fine all day - but as I watched Josiah walk away my eyes leaked.  These kids are  such a blessing.  God has worked in my heart the goal to live fully present - not wishing I had the past back or worrying about the future.  But just for this transition day, I let me heart wander.  I do wish we were one of those blessed families  God calls to live in one location, near each other, forever. However, we've taught the kids to listen to their God-given dreams and to chase them hard as they follow Him. Unfortunately, at this point, that doesn't seem to be in the same direction. I'm seeing a very real benefit to Full-timing in the RV will be the opportunity to SEE THEM ALL.  And so......

JaRissa will head to Alaska the end of this month

Arielle and Krista will continue to enjoy Oregon 

Jamin leaves for Germany in June and Josiah is in Washington 

I was sort of happy BreZaak, Dakota and Bella weren't here today. I don't know that my heart would have been content to say goodbye to Bella on the same day I said goodbye to these five! ::snort:: 

Sensing we needed to drive around a bit, Michael headed to our past home here in town. We loved our years here....even though this WAS the assignment where four of our children flew from the nest.

This home where Stacia came home as a baby, the boys lobbed water balloons from the roof, four of them flew from the nest....It's absolutely good and right for them to grow up, become self-supporting and chase their God-given dreams. 

Our next stop down memory lane was:  

Why? This is where Josiah and Jamin both had their first jobs at Chick Fil A. We've not been in for years, and Josiah wasn't with us.  But two managers remembered us....and one got  a bit melancholic with me when I said we'd just taken Josiah to the airport and decided to come to CFA for solace. Yep - five, small, Oreo Shakes. I think I got extra whipped cream.  Don't judge!  

Today, we are gentle with each other. Today (and maybe tomorrow), we transition from being a chaotic, quirky mass called family, raging through this charming West Texas town....to being "us Five" again. We went from



And still it's good....because each of those older Gherkins are chasing God, each are young men and women who make our hearts sing.....and we are called to remain engaged and RAISE/mentor these three still in our home - tiny and mobile as it is. This is more than enough. We can't allow ourselves to get overly focused on the past and miss the future. "Remember Lot's wife" - a verse that applies so often. LOL


Deja said...

Oh friend....so beautifully written.

Unknown said...

Beautifully said my dear sister friend. Read through tears!

Unknown said...

Beautifully said my dear sister friend. Read through tears!

Anonymous said...

Sis: Well said. It is the true nature of life and raising children. You and Mike have done a beautiful job. We are very proud of you and your children. It is fun to watch as ones family grows and grows. Always something to be looking forward to. PTL for that. AND PTL for the memories and seeing where the Lord has brought everything and everyone to this point in time. We PTL over and over again. l/p Mom T.

Kelly said...

My eyes are leaking, so I can only imagine yours were. Mine all do still live in the same county, and it's hard for me sometimes as I sit in my empty house. I can't imagine if they were moving all over.

And yay on your rebooked vacation :)

Unknown said...


Laura said...

You touch my heart, dear De'Etta.