Saturday, August 27, 2016

Date up South Fork

Michael and I drove over to visit with Mom G. On our way home, we took the South Fork Road. A sign indicated there may be land or a house for sale up that way - we didn't see such - but we did enjoy the gorgeous drive, mountain meadows, river views and trees. 

LOVE having a tour guide with us in this area
 One of Michael's colorful boyhood tales revolves around a family who lived in an converted bus up South Fork. They had also built several cabins from press-board. There were a couple of families who lived up here 40 years ago.  Of course, we had to search out the site of the stories.  Forty years ago they had the brush cut back...but the road is still there....yes, they were squatters, but no one much cared 40 years ago.

We suspect this was where the bus was parked....Michael did a bit more looking and found an old water pipe and remains of a cabin.

We decided it would not be possible to get a Class A into the old spot....but we did find several promising spots for boondocking  AND a campground. Big Flat Campground is run by the US Forest Service.  There's no cell service, it's dry camping - but the sites are big enough for the trailer and/or a Class A AND it's only $8 a night. They close Nov 1st.

We enjoyed the drive, the hike and being alone. A perfect date.

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