Thursday, October 27, 2016

School and Projects

Stacia and I finished up her school for the week. 

I finished anything the boys needed my help on. Mostly we had a rip-roaring discussion about Friendly Persuasion for their "Movies as Lit elective."

Tomorrow Stacia and I head out on a road trip. 

She took cookies to a neighbor. They told her they LOVE US....that's always fun to hear. The park is clearing out as most of the elderly full timers have moved on as the owner raised the rates. We aren't sure how long Mr. & Mrs. G will be with us. They said they'll evaluate in Jan. They use their RV as a second home. They come for a couple of weeks and then go to Eureka for 1 - 2 weeks. 

Stacia and I also did this......favors for Arielle's bridal shower. One sticker said, "It all started with a kiss."  Stacia informed me that would be inaccurate as, "It all started with a wink."  

Still a bit surprised ARIELLE is getting married
 Then, we made these - only three of us like caramel apples....

I'd forgotten how sticky they can be. 

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