Friday, October 28, 2016

Arielle's Bridal Shower - #WYFF

Staica took this while I drove - she did a good job

This Friday finds Stacia and I on a ROAD TRIP. We are heading up US 199 and I 5 to Eugene, Oregon.  It's Arielle's Bridal Shower Weekend! BreAnne planned the event, and assigned us all various things to bring and parts to play. 

The shower was beautiful. It was held at Krista's church, where Arielle cleans on Saturdays. The room was decorated with sparkles, snowflakes, snowballs and photos.... 

Me and Baby Girl

It was so special that Cory's mom, Tracy,  drove all the way from WA to be here for the shower. 

A great idea Bre had was for everyone to address an envelope when they arrived. Arielle later used these to mail Thank You notes.

Bella (our grandblessing) and Bre

Guests brought home made cookies and/or bars to be used at the Wedding Reception on the cookie table.

Donna's a surrogate aunt or gma - we've not settled it. 

Bre, Donna and Bella

Krista helped to man the food table

There was also a journal for everyone to write advice and well-wishes in. 
Grandma Jan

Sherri (near L), Harmony, Stacia, Lorri (Cousin), Mom T, Me and Bella 

Arielle and Alaina - one of the bridesmaids 
 Shower games? Fun? BreAnne had some fun ones planned. This was a Disney Love song quiz. Some of us need to brush up on our Disney trivia - others rocked it.

In this game BreAnne asked Arielle a set of questions. She had asked Cory the same questions earlier. Arielle was to answer as Cory did. For every question she missed she was given another piece of bubble gum to chew....

Poor thing - it got pretty bad. She reported it, "Feels like a hamster in my mouth!" Ewww.  Bre asked me to share some words and a blessing with Arielle. I was happy to do so....and then called all up to pray over CoRielle.

At one point, as I prayed, the emotions of the past 6 - 12 months slammed was when I prayed "And in the hard times...." everyone switched gears and prayed for Michael and I - which I felt bad about as it was ARIELLE'S day....but it was helpful.

Sharing a teary Mom Moment

Then it was time for gifts - Arielle was a great sport

Explaining what the "kitchen thingies" are and what they're used for! 

We gave her this sign....which we knew she'd love

And a tent - which we knew Cory would love. 

An Olaf snow cone maker....

Stacia got them duckies for the tub - it was ON THE LIST

Beautiful bed set from the Squires

 It appears this may have been snuck onto the registry - but a nice fuzzy Frozen blanket. 

Me and my daughters and granddaughter
Stacia, Krista, Arielle, Me, Bre, Bella

Mom with us all 
Stacia, Krista, Me, Arielle, Mom, Bre, Bella

Mom with Sherri and I, the girls and the great granddaughters
Harmony - F
Stacia, Krista, Me, Sherri, Arielle, Mom, Bre, Bella

Mom, second cousins, granddaughters, daughters, neice and great grand-daughters. 
F - Harmon, Bre, Bella
Sarah, Stacia, Krista, Me, Sherri, Arielle, Mom, Lorri 

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