Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer Afternoon

Benny loves being outside. One benefit of having dad here is  I slow down enough to sit outside for an hour or two with him each day. Arielle and Benny often come out after his nap.  Here he is enjoying frozen banana/apple puree. Frozen in a long bag, it's better than otter pops by far but just as convenient. LOL

I use this time to check in on the garden. We have tiny cucumbers and tomatoes in the greenhouse. Pepper, melon and tomato blossoms and beans starting to come on. I'm calling the greenhouse a success and dreaming of simply enclosing the entire garden spot. I enjoy the humid warmth too - tropical muscle memory. 😏   Out in the garden I thinned the radishes. We have lettuce, carrots, kale, cauliflower, cabbage etc growing.  There are a few hills of potatoes sprouting and a bit of corn. I'm disappointed not to see more corn. What could be going on?

Michael and Alex are busy with the latest project. They are the wonder-workers around here. I think it up - they make it appear. They are making a covered area off the coop. In the long term this will provide shade in the summer and a snow-less spot in the winter.  In the short term, we plan to put a temporary divider off the corner of the coop to fence in the area for the free-ranging chicks. I tried to put them in  a couple of nights ago and Phoenix flew out and then instructed the girls how to break free.

We ended the night with a dinner of smoked salmon, roasted potatoes, and salad. We also played a couple of rounds of Farkle. Michael and I were the evening's winners.

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