Friday, June 21, 2019

Chick Antics or Name That Breed

If you are a chicken person, please give us your opinions on the breeds of the chicks we mention below. I am happy to have selected chicks from a local feed store - I got a bigger variety than I need when we ordered from Anchorage....but I haven't a clue what I got. I do have 6 Cochins or mixed-Cochins. I recognize the one Red Sex Link. 

The antics of this year's chicks keep us on our toes....Evidently this gal wants to go for a bike ride.  Anyone want to guess as to her breed? 

This is one of our black Cochins, shown providing natural fertilizer for my plants. 

Chicks happy in their new home - well ok - not so happy. They want to continue having free range of Wibbly Wobbly acres...but as they are not smart enough to stay out of the road....they now have a safer home.  Anyone know the breed of the one in the bottom right - white head, gray feathers, black tail feathers. She's really pretty. We have two of them. The Cochin beside her appears to be a mixed whatever she is and Cochin. Any guesses?  They run like road runners - therefore we have named them road runner 1 and road runner 2. 

Phoenix is getting the crowing thing down...though he seems to think 1 a.m. is an appropriate time to practice. I need to figure out how to make their pen DARK so they aren't waiting for the sun to go down.  Anyone know what breed he is? 

Guesses on breeds? 

Thanks all! They are two months old. We are waiting for Phoenix to be big enough to win in a fight with the mean girls before we combine the two year groups. We want him to establish order and not be terrified of the meanies. 

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