Sunday, July 07, 2019

Pulpit Fill Sunday

It's 9:15 p.m. and it's finally cooled off enough to be pleasant sitting outside....still not very comfortable inside. Yes, I've been loving the record-breaking heat - BUT Alaska isn't built for high temps. Our homes are built to keep heat IN, we have no air conditioners, and the stores continue to sell out of essentials like fans and ice. 😡 Too much of any good thing CAN wear on a person. If this keeps up another few weeks, I may even WELCOME WINTER! 🐽(snort) I do NOT want winter to arrive until our silly hens have grown some feathers to cover their tushes.

Today was Pulpit Fill Sunday. Michael was invited to preach at Matsu Christian Center - a Church of God in Christ community.  Obviously, the PASTOR wasn't there or Michael wouldn't have been preaching...but the pastor's wife, Tamika,  was a chaplain assistant back in the day. Dr. Tamika Ledbetter and her husband, Bishop Fred Ledbetter, founded this church since our assignment together at Elmendorf. It is a blessing to see where God has led since she and Michael were on staff together. It is a very friendly community and we enjoyed being part of it. We were invited back for their monthly potluck Sunday - I'd like to attend when Fred and Tamika are there. Alas, Michael will be preaching that week at our church community.
Yes, I DID put on a dress and pearls 
Michael and I love our crazy and full household. We wouldn't have life any other way - but it's rare for us to snatch time alone. We took the opportunity of being out alone, to throw a mini-lunch-date into the mix. We were in Wasilla and didn't really know where to eat. We went to Chepo's, I loved the spinach enchiladas. They didn't have air conditioning and it was crazy noisy with lots of industrial fans placed around...but the food was yummy.

I wanted to attend church with Michael, but was committed to nursery at our church this week. Kudos to Krista who jumped in with Stacia to minister to the kids at our church.
Having our grands in nursery is a bonus these days. 

I came home and took a nap. I woke to adult Gherkin voices which aren't always here. Josiah and Jamin were playing Dominion with Nolan, Alex, Stacia and Krista. Michael was working to repair the plumbing in the RV.  Stacia was knitting another hat. Dad was catching up on news.

It's been a wonderful day.

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