Saturday, July 06, 2019

Garden Pest

The hotter the days get, the earlier I try to get into the garden and get the day's chores accomplished. This morning I got all the little corn seedlings transplanted. I also planted 6 zucchini and 6 summer squash plants. Krista joined me and we weeded the potato patch. She was up by the house, I had my tush in the air and was picking up chickweed to feed the chickens, when I heard a crash! I turned my head and saw this moose. She was tangling with our Japanese laundry poles.

The 2nd time she came back 
I yelled, "Turn the fence on."

I ran for the house and my camera.

She headed for the garden. She touched the top wire with her head and jerked back, and RAN to the front and into the road.

Then she came back (which is when I got the photo of her at the trampoline). She was mad.

She looked at us, shook her head and ran off again.

I heard squawking and clucking and  knew she and Lucille had tangled. I went looking and calling for Lucille. Lucille came to my calling (she really is a pet now).  I went to meet her and her eggs were broken.  She ran back to the chicken yard to tell her tale.

This is the third time moose have tangled with the fence and the second time they've been shocked. It seems to be doing a good job at keeping them out.  The first time a mama touched it and jerked her head back. Her baby touched it, and as Dad reports, she jumped 3 feet in the air and took off.   The 3rd moose just walked along the garden fence line and left.  This afternoon mama and baby came trotting across the side yard....I guess we're the shortest route to the mountain. LOL

Here are some shots from the garden....the fence I'm talking about is just two wires strung on t posts around the garden. NOW....Lucille and Blondie (free range bunny) have started getting into the garden the past couple of days. An electric fence won't stop them.  We are going to have to get another fence up - but wanted to be sure we would leave the garden where it is before building anything more permanent and time intensive than this.

Broccoli & Cauliflower in foreground
1st bed -  beets, kale (3 kinds), spinach and radishes
2nd bed - carrots, couple kinds of lettuce, couple kinds of cabbage


Potatoes - now that I know I have the room -
I should plant more next year. 

I had hoped this bit of fall decor would keep the birds from eating the second planting of corn...and possibly fool the moose into thinking there is a big, mean, man with a gun in the garden.


Jumanji - I no longer sit in here to warm up! ::snort:: 

We have green tomatoes, tiny peppers, cucumbers and melons in here. I've already had a meal of beans from the greenhouse. I need to just cover that mucky garden corner with a BIG greenhouse.😏

That's it for now. Lots of green....this week I need to plant the rest of the seedlings that are in my kitchen....and I need to research how to prune tomatoes. They are big, bushy and green...but I'd like tomatoes at the end of this process.  I'll also continue to work to keep the moose, birds, rabbit and chicken from eating the garden. LOL

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