Saturday, April 04, 2020

Passing the Time Away

Krista was scheduled to drill four days in April....and so she is drilling. This is Day 3. She spent the morning doing AF trainings...and was given permission to make masks in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of her at work. 

Stacia spent the day making Baked Alaska - not be confused with Baked Alaskan. She did it all from scratch and it really was very good. Yes, I DID use up my April sugar spree...and we're just starting the month. 

Michael was her partner in meringue making. 

Stacia is moving right along with her piano lessons. 

Michael worked in the garage on a fishing pole holder he is making for Josiah.

Nolan and Alex weren't working - but I didn't see them. They were once again holed up in the royal blue cave...seeking to minimize contact with G Dog until this mess is over.

I worked out, made dinner and spent time in my room...resting as I am not sleeping well. Still waiting for Tricare to get the new dosage of Levothyroxine to me....

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