Sunday, April 05, 2020

Palm Sunday in Quarantine

 Here we are at Palm Sunday....I find myself really missing and appreciating the freedom to gather weekly at the hug others of like faith, to grow together...

Yet,  I am deeply appreciative of  the work our pastors are investing to meet our needs and keep us connected - while distanced.  More than anything - we ARE the church. The church has simply left the building for the time being. We'll be back - and I am thinking a celebration will be in order for that day in the future.

Today, we realized I was sadly lacking in my communion prep. I have authentic Matzo made in Israel, thank to my earlier emotional shopping. I did not have little glasses, nor grape juice. I have kombucha - but Grandpa doesn't think kombucha is kosher. I have antioxidant juice, which I think is a great choice, but it was vetoed in favor of Apple Juice.

We dug out Michael's old field kit...only to discover a chalice and no little cups left.

I am wondering how long we will be sequestered. I may just go buy some shot glasses the next time I'm picking up groceries...and grape juice is going on the list to store with the matzo.

Michael spoke in this fourth week of our "Saved" series. We "Belong," are "Blessed," have been "Bought," and today Michael shared we are "Blameless."
Will they be able to attend a church without recliners when this is over? 
I am REALLY enjoying being able to sit and discuss the content, the take aways, as a family immediately after the sermon - before we go on with the day.  Our favorite take aways today....

God didn't save us just to condemn us.

We talked about how we tend to see ourselves as "holy" and lose sight of Jesus, or we see ourselves as "condemned" again because we've lost sight of Jesus.

We are saved and being saved.

We are holy and being made holy.

We are like Christ and becoming like Christ.

I found the worship and communion after the message to be meaningful. We are distanced - but still together in spirit. If you are missing communion, feel free to jump into the worship/communion set at the end of this clip....actually if you don't attend our church, but are missing may want to jump in at the 10 message which flows into the worship and communion.

There ARE things I am enjoying about church in our living room....we'll have to figure out which things are beneficial and if it is possible to carry them forward when this season is over.

"All my life you have been faithful. 
All my life you have been so, so good.
With every breath that I am able
I will sing of the goodness of God."

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