Sunday, August 16, 2020

Puppy Play Date

 This is Millie at 3 1/2 months. She's the queen of the yard. Her official name is Millie Rose....but Michael and I call her Millie Mutt after his childhood dog. Her attitude is Mutt the second. 

She has been enjoying play dates with Kimber since she came home at 7 weeks. Kimber is CoRielle's puppy. She's about 9 months old and is a retriever/husky mix. .

Millie has been a rough and tumble wrestler from the start. The thought was that Kimber would put her in her place and she'd learn appropriate play. Kimber is a sweetie and is happy to let Millie play....from time to time she rolls on her back and let's Millie "win." 

This has not Millie appropriate play. She also "plays" with Reno, an English Mastiff. Reno, Luke's dog,  is the most laid back dog I've met. He lets Millie climb all over him and when he's done he just lifts his paw, places it on her and she's done. LOL 

On this day we were eating outside and misplaced a couple of dishcloths....Tug OF WAR. 

Millie  ATE the cloth. My word. We've had to pull more terrible things out of her throat....disgusting...she eats sponges, socks, ropes...and pukes them back up.  Here everyone tries to corner steal her priceless dishcloth.

I can't remember who ended up pulling the cloth out of her mouth this day. This was BEFORE Stacia and Millie met with "the trainer" and she learned she had to control Millie's environment because Labradoodles are CRAZY.  These days Millie trails a leash so we can catch her quickly when she pulls these stunts. 

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