Saturday, August 22, 2020

Stacia's Shadow...

Stacia has a shadow these days. 

We planted purple and green beans in the space where the greenhouse had been last year. They did well. I thought that meant I had figured out how to grow beans in AK...looking back from 2022 I realize it was an unseasonably warm summer and they did better than typical. 

Stacia harvests beans while Millie plays. 

purple beans

The squash is doing great too. 

Spaghetti squash 

It's satisfying to pick the veggies we need for the next few days.  

We harvested all the beans and will put these up for winter's use. 

Millie helps with dishes....

She's not as great a help in the kitchen as she thinks she is. 

We've never had a dog big enough to snatch food from the counters. Millie as a pup could. We began working on stopping this. 

Some of the veggies are used as Stacia creates this wonderful pan of yakisoba. 

More Zucchini pickles.

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