Friday, October 23, 2020

Clearing up a Misconception for Alaskans

 It is imperative to discuss this small issue before sharing anything further. It is sad some can be so mistaken, unenlightened even. THIS is NOT Winter. 

By the way of proof I offer these facts: 1. The calendar! It is OCTOBER.  October is fall. Have you never heard of Oktoberfest???  2. Yes, I do see the snow...but have you noticed the leaves ON TOP OF THE SNOW?  It is my contention if the leaves are on top of the snow - they are still falling and it is fall. If the leaves are UNDER the snow, I will admit winter is here....but not one single, solitary minute sooner. 

Alaskan Fall Colors

I have noticed Michael turned on our "winter" lights - why settle for Christmas lights when they can burn from mid-Oct to mid-Feb? I don't believe he turned them on because it's winter, I believe it's because he knows how I love them. 

With that settled, let's move on....Dad's OT came again today. The attitude WAS different. I think she'll always check charts before offering opinions in the future. I hope. In any event, she was much more agreeable and I was not on edge. Dad enjoyed the visit. She told me she believes our home is the best place for Dad to be and she just worries I am going to throw my back out. 

Stacia and I took Millie out for a nice fall romp in the snow. She LOVES it. 

Again - leaves on TOP of the snow - obviously Fall

Dad took a long, cozy, fall nap. 

Nolan and Alex both had the day off. Michael took them out for Bible study/lunch. 

Stacia and I watched MacGyver and ate Christmas crack. 

About the time Michael made it home Aaron showed up. They erected a tent, and are warming the ground up....concrete tomorrow? Ramp next week. 

Josiah called. He, Carrie and Olivia came out to share pizza with us. Krista has been at an ASIST Train the Trainer on base all week. She got home and added to the merriment. 

Dad was ready for bed when Cy and Crew left. It's been a fun day. He is feeling MUCH better.  He's been using the walker most of the day....

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