Monday, October 26, 2020

About That Misconception

 About that misconception I cleared up on Friday? The one about fall....and the calendar and the leaves on top of the snow....

there are no leaves on top of the snow as of this morning. It's been steadily snowing since 0530.  Look at those cheery lights  - winter lights y'all.  

I have a strand of cheery lights in my nook too...

I do love the change of seasons...however, winter lasts a good long time and there seems no need to rush into it...Can it be winter before Halloween? Can it be winter before Thanksgiving? I am quite sure one can't rely solely on the calendar for the answer when living in Alaska. 

Maybe it ISN'T fall. But I WANT it to be fall with the pumpkins, and leaves, and fall colors and Thanksgiving....

I'm fighting myself over putting up Christmas decorations. If I put them up Nov 1st, will that mean it isn't really fall and we can't really celebrate Thanksgiving. Or does Thanksgiving really have nothing to do with the calendar? Isn't Thanksgiving, like Christmas, meant to be celebrated year round? If THIS is true....could I put up the Christmas decor before Thanksgiving and STILL fully embrace both fall and winter....Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time? IS Thanksgiving a fall holiday? 

Ah, the confusion for a newly transplanted Alaskan.  Regardless of the season - it's snowing. We've begun to think Millie will need a coat. I KNOW. We've never gotten a coat for an animal, but this one doesn't have a coat of fur...she loves the snow but comes in WET, WETTTTTT....with snowballs up and down her legs and in her face. For now, this works.  I do think she will need leggings and boots. 

See - can I have the Thanksgiving tree at the same time as a Christmas tree?????? 

Millie at 5 months

The snow is beautiful....and I AM looking forward to leisurely days at home....fall or winter...this has become my favorite spot for early morning solitude and study. 

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