Tuesday, October 27, 2020

We ALL Voted!

 It took a village but we got it done! We have ALL voted in our household. This was weighing on me. Covid seems to be getting a second wind and Krista works in the schools, the boys work at McDonalds, we have 6 - 8 healthcare workers in our home a week.  I figure we are exposed to most everything in the valley. We are all uber careful. I'm a maniac with soap, water, and sanitizer...but Dad IS high risk and we don't want to deal with any added health factors. All this had me considering it would be wise to vote early, while we are all healthy.... We didn't have any healthcare workers today.....voting was the priority. 

Krista voted yesterday after work. 

Michael took Stacia to work at 11:45. He went to vote.  He then headed to an appointment. He planned to pick up groceries at Walmart at 4:00 p.m. That didn't work out (and added an extra 90 min of reorder and credit card wrangling to the day). 

Krista picked up Stacia at 3:00 p.m. and  brought her home. 

Nolan took Alex to work at 0430 and they were home right at 3:00 p.m. as well. 

The boys and I went to the site for early voting. It made a poll worker's day when I had the SAME name as her daughter.  I was tempted to jet over to the Wasilla early voting site and meet this gal....but time was tight.  This was the first time for Nolan and Alex to vote in a Presidential election. 

Check out the cute voting stickers

It made my day when a little streak ran into my arms as we exited voting.....Look who was voting today as well...
A little last minute cramming before voting

Our grocery order didn't work as planned and I needed a few items for dinner. We opted for Carrs...the boys picked up the items while I FINALLY had my labs drawn (working on that list of med things for ME). 

I helped GG vote today and mailed his ballot. 

Krista ran to the gym to meet up with Brittany, followed by Luke. 

We had dinner....and finally picked up that grocery order at FREDDIES at 7 p.m.  Back home, groceries put up, chickens locked in, another few laps around the house for GG in his walker, and it was time for the day to end. 

It took a village but we all voted (except Stacia who isn't old enough yet),  GG was never alone, groceries were purchased and dinner cooked. 
It was a long day for all 

Yay team! I love this crazy tribe and our chaotic multi-generational nest. 

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