Monday, October 26, 2020

Our Day

 It's been a long day. Around here we choose joy. We choose to find two yays for every boo...the boo-yay game. 

There was frustration today - that in signals Dad is feeling better and wants to be doing more. That's a yay. We have to get his physical body to catch up with where his mind is telling him it is, it will come.  I am thankful for a speech therapist who cares - and offers samples. I am thankful for a physical therapist who is working hard to see dad make as much recovery as possible. I am thankful for a few things we can work on to see improvement. I am thankful for a PT who realized my aching back is a result of Dad's uncontrolled movements...he gave me several strategies to try. 

I'm thankful for the snow...because Stacia said it was perfect for building a fall snowman. 

Millie is a snow hound! I'm thankful for her antics which kept Dad and I amused from our window. She's chasing snowballs. 

And....eating the snowman Stacia is trying to make. The poor thing began to melt with rain....but I'm hoping for a freeze tonight and that it stays around a while. 

While Dad napped, and Michael and Alex switched the mower to a snow plow, I made an apple pie. Nolan had picked up appears he got enough for me to take 3 or 4 pies. 😏 Stacia and Millie helped when they came inside. We used my sister-friend Julie's Magic Pie Crust Recipe and it was FANTASTIC. I am thankful for yummy apples, sister-friends, and Stacia's willingness to partner in the kitchen.

In keeping with my seasonal confusion - we used fall and winter cut outs for the top of our had leaves, wreaths and mittens on top. 

Millie was one WET dog. She needs rain gear. 

Yes, she did! Her help is dubious. I do love this dog. She brings much laughter to our home. 
Granny Apples - Lip Smacking Good 

I started a Sunday lunch in the instant pot, and no one ate I plugged that in, made rice, baked a squash and we were good to go for dinner.  I am thankful for an easy dinner. Krista got home in time for a small slice of pie. Alex, Michael, Krista, Dad and I played a game of Farkle. I'm thankful for family unwinding at the end of a long day. 

Dad won tonight! 

I'd be more thankful if I had won! Just saying. 

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