Tuesday, December 01, 2020

The Tablecloth

I was deep in the throes of Covid and 103 fever on the 1st, but found the photos and will capture this memory now. 

For two decades we have had guests sign this tablecloth at Thanksgiving. Various girls then embroider the signatures. We've fallen behind on the stitching. Krista motivated us to catch it up during our time of quarantine.  Through the week she, myself, Stacia and Nolan all stitched a bit on the cloth. 

We debated what to do about 2020. Krista came up with this idea...a big screen showing all the small screens and we just added names rather than signatures this year. It works. 
Quarantine Photo of the Day 

 As always, I took time to read names and recollect other years and the relationships built around the table through the years. 

A young Stacia learning cursive - and Alex was still Zander

Gotta love the confidence!

Mom G

Mom T

I got a kick out of the year that had Jared, Tamika, Fred III and Fred Jr.....because now Tamika is a commissioner in Juneau, Jared ran into her as he works in Juneau and Fred pastors a church we did pulpit fill for last year. One just never knows who is sitting at their table from year to year. 

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