Wednesday, December 02, 2020

An Update

Thanks for your continued prayers. Basically, covid symptoms seem to come and go....and some symptoms are lingering...

Look at this! I was at a fairly low point yesterday (the 1st) when there was a knock at our door. A delivery man. I told him we hadn't ordered anything. He insisted someone had called in an order for us and it was paid for....I told him we had Covid and he said, "That's probably why!"  What a sweet surprise. I haven't felt like eating, but I had been thinking, "I need to get up and get something for everyone to eat."  There were even 2 orders of breadsticks. 
Quarantine Photo of the Day 

That took care of everyone's meals for yesterday....and I ate a couple of breadsticks. THANK YOU to whomever ordered the variety of pizzas for us....Pizza Ria Delphi is Michael's favorite. 

Alex is back at work - and he feels fine. Remember, Alex TESTED POSITIVE and then later tested NEGATIVE. This indicates he is no longer contagious. He is lucky he also has no further symptoms. Some continue to feel rough past when they test negative. 

For those of us who seem incapable of getting a positive and ONLY test negative...we must quarantine 14 days beyond the last exposure to someone who was positive....there are a whole host of stipulations and we are letting the school nurse figure it out for us. LOL  BUT that is why Alex is free of quarantine even though we are still sick here at home....we just do what we're told to do.  BTW, if you have heard those with O Positve blood type don't test positive - both Krista and Michael are O Positive. 

Krista is house sitting - she can quarantine there as well as she can here. 

Michael still deals with exhaustion and from time to time headache and dizziness. 

Stacia continues to sore above all this. 

Dad is SLEEPY....and continues with rather wild GI issues. HOWEVER, his respiratory symptoms have been mild, he's had no fever and his oxygen is staying up. He DID get frustrated we couldn't keep an oral surgery appointment and pulled a tooth during his nap yesterday. Ugh. Never boring living with Dad. 

Nolan feels good and then Nolan feels terrible. He is having fever spikes and oxygen drops....random...odd. He tested on the 1st. I don't think he should go back to work regardless of the result, but he agreed to test. Again, the test will show if he is still contagious, it does NOT mean one feels symptom free and ready for life. LOL 
Nolan's Quarantine Look 

Me? It's been a rough couple of days. My typical fever is 97.2 and I'm finding it impossible to get my fever to normal. I am taking Tylenol and still at 102. Today, I began alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol and am hanging out at 99 or 100. My oxygen level dips and it's not comfortable at all. I've been asked to quit describing it as an elephant sitting on my's an odd sensation...and I'm learning much about focusing and relaxing....saying no to anxiety...taking deep breaths....and then sometimes within minutes, sometimes within hours, I can breathe well again.  I AM monitoring my oxygen levels and will call in if it goes low and stays low. I've not stayed below 93 for much time at all; just forays into the lower numbers.  We DO have Dad's oxygen concentrator here at the house if needed. 

There you have it - an's snowing beautifully outside now. I'm about to wrap my head around a grocery order. Michael went to pick up Alex from work (he doesn't leave the car), and Alex will run in and pick up a package for us. It's good to have a non-contagious member in the house. 

We continue to watch Marvel movies (there are SO many) interspersed with the random Christmas movie. 

We continue to thank God for our light cases of Covid and for how well Grandpa is weathering all this. It's not fun, but no one has had to be hospitalized. 


Shelley Lee in MA said...

I just have to reply! I am so sorry! But praying for you all. Very informative to hear how your family is doing in real life with all this.... Goodness. Not what was on your plan for wrapping up 2020. : ((

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

2020 has had many aspects which are simply not what I expected. LOL