Thursday, September 02, 2021

Visiting Grands, Pouting Dog & Salmon Pie

 Grandpa and I paid a surprise visit to CoRielle. I love that we have family close enough to do this.  Dad loves to visit Benny and "the boy" (Danny), but his visits are usually short. LOL 

GG, Danny, Arielle, Benny 

Danny at 10 months

Benny LOVES this bear dressed as a dino
Score - Auntie CoCo

Arielle and Boys 

CoRielle have had covid - at least 3 of them, maybe 4. They missed CyRi's wedding and this is the first day they are deemed safe for us to visit.  After the hustle of the past week it was nice to simply be with sweet ones. 

We are training Millie to stay on her bed during meals and when I'm doing something in the kitchen that works better without 50 lbs of fluff underfoot. This is her sad, pitiful, mournful attitude when told to go to her bed. 

Then begins the edging over the side...until Stacia catches her and tells her to get back on her bed. ::snort:: 

Salmon Pot Pie for dinner. Stacia and I think it's a good use of salmon. Others were appalled to get a fork of salmon when expecting chicken. Note the cute fish Stacia put on top of this pie. 

For those who want to try Salmon Pot Pie, I simply sub salmon for chicken in this recipe

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