Tuesday, August 31, 2021

August Garden Update

 I've started clearing out the garden... there are still several things I'm hoping will produce if given a bit more time.  I'm hoping the Brussel Sprouts (left) will produce if I clear space around them and cut off some of the greenery. I've taken a lot of cabbage from this bed already but have a few left. 

Cauliflower is just making small heads

I don't have a lot of hope for the beets, but we can have some beet greens if nothing else. 

I'm turning this empty bed into a lasagna bed. I'm alternating layers of green with brown and will let it compost. The cabbage leaves provide a green layer. 

I alternated with straw and am ready for another green layer. 

Dash! This is a great rabbit! 

Some veggies for dinner and lunch tomorrow. 

We were late planting and it's rained a lot this year. I am not going to have a lot to preserve, but we're getting some to eat.  I never got a lot of the garden planted this year, but I feel good about doing what I could. I'll figure out how to balance the need to be with Grandpa and the need to be outside. I had thought he'd want to come out and sit in the sunshine, but he really didn't want to. I'll come up with new strategies to entice him outside next year. 

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