Friday, December 31, 2021

Random Glimpses of December

 I think December may be one of the best months of the year! We love it around here - except for the negative degree temps this year!  Those temps led to soup. Benny LOVED helping me make this yummy soup. I put it in the crock pot when Michael and I went out for our three hours of respite. 

Bella is such a great big sister to Jojo. 
📷by BreAnne

I do love these snuggly, cozy winter days. While I blogged both girls worked on novels they are writing. 
Allie, Stacia and Millie 

Allie sold her truck. They came to pick it up on one of the coldest; snowiest days of the years. The gals uncle picked it up and surprised us by showing up early. 

Millie still doesn't consistently bring Grandpa his paper, but we're working on the trick. 

Sweet Danny!

This is the time of year when I'm hard press to keep the hot drink mixes made. See those big mugs? 30 ounces - it takes commitment to drink a cup of cocoa that big! 

Aunt Mary sent the girls dresses...

Game night! 
Stacia, Tim, Allie

A blessing! 

Bre made a sugar free/reduced coco bomb for me. Yummy. 

Krista made an assortment of coco bombs too. These are all so cute. I am going to have to have the girls show me how to make them. I've noted it's much less mess at the drink station when folks simply throw one in their mug! LOL 
Some of Krista's bombs

Michael watching Millie as Millie watches the Christmas Goodies. 

It's hard to believe we are already moving into January...the days are getting longer by 2 minutes every day! I'd best get started on other winter projects.

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