Friday, September 09, 2022

Stacia Did a Thing

Many of you know Stacia as "shy." In reality she has a touch of social anxiety and has fought panic attacks since the Quake and Tsunami in Japan. Crowded locations and shaky buildings are particular challenges. 

She did a thing. She invited a friend and her sister over to play with the airbrush cake thingy. She made a small cake for us to serve with tea. She demonstrated the air brush tool. She had also made 2 8 layer cakes for the girls. She'd baked, frozen, crumb coated and frosted in the midst of my scone baking craze. ::snort::   After our study today, she finished school and set up an air brushing station. 

We had plenty of leftovers from the women's ministry fact I can have drop-ins for tea at any point for the next few months and simply pull scones out of the freezer. Consider this your invite if you live locally. Stacia suggested no table clothes so her younger friend wouldn't worry about spilling. Frankly, I have no problem dealing with stained cloths, but she made sense, and this was HER thing! I am so thrilled to see how she was thinking of others, stepping out of her comfort zone and doing the hospitality thing. "Opening the door is an act of love."  She's got it. 

We moved some of the hot drink selections and the hot water pot to a little side table by the table. 

Mom Mary's table and cloth

As a side note - I have a few pieces of polish pottery. We always longed to get an assignment to Europe. I planned to do the military spouse thing and go to the factories - but that didn't happen. Krista has begun picking up pieces at the base's BX. I've SAVED them for SPECIAL occasions. Joelle impacted me Monday. She reminded me I can USE the special things. SO...I pulled out a Polish pottery tea pot and set it out with the everyday pots. I like to make a pot of tea, but no one in the house besides me has liked tea for I use tiny pots for every day. Allie LOVES the Republic of Tea selections and she and I can easily make a normal size pot of tea and down it. It's the small things in life. LOL I pulled out a fun mug from Krista and I found two HUGE mugs I'll have to use soon as well.  Allie and I spent time debating if the big ones WERE cups or soup bowls, but the bowls have little tops, and this has a handle. We think a mug. What do you think? BTW big mugs are why one needs burning hot lava drinks to start one can warm their hands and the drink remains warm through a long conversation or good book. ::wink:: 
12 oz and 20 oz mugs

FINALLY, they arrived in the driveway and were properly welcomed by Millie into our home! I will quit blathering about Polish Pottery. We are so happy this family has moved out to the valley, and it will be much easier to get together. 

We enjoyed drinks and treats...played games and shared memes. Allie was home! GG decided to sit and read and had no need of me during the afternoon.  Michael and Alex had Bible study and Michael brought home dinner. It was a great Friday afternoon - chicken and macaroni salad - which I was too full to eat. I don't think the girls did either. LOL 

It's nice to bring a busy week to an end, it's great Stacia orchestrated the afternoon of community for us all. Have I mentioned lately how much we have loved the dreaded "teen" years? "Teen" years are still not allowed in our home...we have young adults.  It's a joy to watch them as they do the adulting thing. 

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