Saturday, September 10, 2022

Gherkins @ Pyrah's Fall Festival '22

This was our 3rd year to do the Pyrah Fall Festival with CyRi and Livie. I still need to blog the first. LOL BUT I'm determined to stay current. We noticed the festival seems to grow each year. As long as the kids enjoy it, we'll keep doing it. 

I bought four tickets and hoped we'd be able to work it out to meet BreZaak, CyRi and CoRielle at the festival. It was a beautiful day. Blue skies and no rain. Michael wanted to split wood...but we talked him into coming with us. Alex stayed home with GG. 

Little Buddy and Danny in stroller
Benny, Cy, Arielle and Cory, Stacia, Benny, Carrie

📷by Carrie?

Our first spot to visit was the barn full of games! The game hosts were not merciful in the least. At one point Benny got his chicken INTO the basket and then it sort of sprung prize. LOL  Allie and I would not be able to fulfill this role at the festival. Prizes for all the well-behaved children. 
Benny (4)

Gideon (5)

Michael, Carrie, Bre, Arielle, Benny and Livie


Benny/Livie sending rubber chickens flying - see the chickens? 

Benny, Livie, Bella, Gideon - Cousins 

Ax throwing  - Benny 

Go, Liv! 

Bella (6)

Gideon (5)

A matching game

📷by Arielle

Liv gave Benny her prize! What a sweetie. 📷by Arielle

The weather forecast had showed no day in the 60's for 10 days...but this day was PERFECT. The first one in a long time and it may well be the last in the 60's.  The scenery is gorgeous at the farm, too. 
Cory and his boys📷by Arielle

Cousins! Benny & Livie 📷by Arielle or Carrie

Ah! Carrie and Cy - 📷by Olivia

The girls and Michael - out in the fields

This is a beautiful spot to have fields...but I couldn't help noticing they have as much, or more, chickweed as we do! It did my heart good. LOL They were selling pumpkins that look like mine. Maybe I shouldn't wait for them to turn orange? 

There were petting animals. This was seconds after Bessie wrapped her tongue around my arm. I learned to stay aware. 
📷by Carrie

Several members are suggesting this big bouncy cushion be added to our playground. I told them we have a big bouncy thing (trampoline) but they think this is safer. It does look like fun. 
Benny, Danny, Little Buddy, Livie📷by Carrie

Danny 📷by Carrie

They also have hammocks, roller slides (like the Japanese parks), tunnels and mazes set up. 
Little Buddy & Danny 

Josiah (Jojo) was happy and content to spend the day in the stroller. The TRACTORS are the one thing he wanted to get out and experience. His smile is priceless. He's one week younger than Danny, about a month younger than Little Buddy....They will all be hitting 2  this fall. 
 Such a great smile! 📷by BreAnne

Hello, Annie 📷by BreAnne

Izaak and Bella 📷by BreAnne

Michael, Josiah, Carrie 

CoRielle needed to leave when Little Buddy and Danny had reached their limit of stimulation. BreZaak headed to a vendor for corn dogs, there was talk of ice cream bars...Michael invited everyone to our home for ice cream.  We pulled out the big gallons we're still trying to use up, cones and hard-shell and CyRi and Bre and the kids showed up. Izaak was heading out to hunt. 

Liv and Cy brought in eggs - 

Cy bounces the kids 

Carrie bounces the kids. 

Jojo was happy to swing! 

I noticed we have yellow leaves ON the ground.  Cy said I can no longer say the snow at the top of our mountain is termination dust. I asked what it was and he said, "Snow." ::snort:: I guess it's official. It's coming. 

Michael got the fire going. 
Bre, Jojo and Gideon warming their hands

Michael is happy with Josiah and Carrie

GG, Bre and Jojo 

Michael, Carrie, GG, Stacia, Allie 

Michael likes to hang out at the fire and tend it a bit after everyone else comes inside. 

Stacia and Millie relax at the end of a long day. 

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