Sunday, April 30, 2023

Grand April Snippets

There are many WONDERFUL photos of the grandkids on my I'd not blogged yet. I've decided the easiest way to handle the backlog is to do a giant post of photos which Mommies sent me in April. Thanks for all the mommies for keeping me well-supplied with content.  This is a shameless Grandma blog post. Look at the cuteness! HOW did I not get a photo of Liv? I will remedy that! 

This is Jojo on the left and Trudy on the right - both born on Nov 17th  - 2 years apart

And so begins he adventure. Jared reads The Hobbit to Noah. 

Such a happy little one! 

Noah learned to roll over....

Visiting Papa and Bachan!
Jared and Noah

Bachan and Noah


Noah and Larissa! 

Can we take a minute in simple awe of all the props and outfits Larissa has prepared for Noah? 

Noah Bear

Such sweet Sisters - 2 of BreZaak's gals
Bella and Trudy

Gideon's post dentist treat...something my mom started. 

Annie and Trudy

This is from WAY before April...but I found it on my phone so here it is...Josiah and Trudy. 

Gideon and Trudy

Sweet Dream Isabella

Stacia went over and spent a few hours with the kids. The plan was to teach Bella how to use a round loom, but all of them joined in. 

Dinner time! Trudy 

Jojo LOVES Trudy. He's always nearby. He loves to sit and read to her. 


Jojo set up chair lets and used his cars to form a make-shift bowling alley after the church bowling party on May this should be with the May Snippets...but I'm leaving it here. 

CoRielle took a major step in making Little Buddy officially a part of their family. 

 Stacia joined me one Tuesday and it was nice to have another set of hands at the park! 

Cuteness overload. 

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