Saturday, April 29, 2023

Bella's Friend Party...

It's unimaginable that Bella turned SEVEN in April! Bella is turning into a beautiful young lady - inside and out!  Bre and Izaak hosted her friend party today. It was fun to see her surrounded by so many friends. We are starting to truly put down roots in this place. It's a good thing. Bella was one year and three months old when she moved to Alaska. 

She chose Bunnies as her theme.  Bre made cute cupcakes with Bunny ears...personally, I loved the baby carrots. LOL 

This game is darling. Bre wrapped a gift. Then rewrapped it again and again. I have no clue how many layers - but a lot. As the music played the kids passed the gift. When the music stopped they unwrapped one layer. Repeat until the gift is unwrapped and the gift belongs to the child who unwraps the final layer.  

Earlier in the morning our Gather Table group had met for brunch. Three of us were at the as Grandma and Joelle and Rebekah brought their children. It was a bonus friend day for me.  I caught Bre with something in her mouth - but I think she needs to be in the photo anyway. 
Bre, Rebekah, Lindsey 

These sisters, Jenni and Joelle, have been a joy to get to know. Jenni is our children's team lead, she is also on youth staff, and attends our lifegroup.  Joelle is on the women's ministry team and leads the table group I've been a part of for the past five months. They are also TCKs (Third Culture Kids) and I love hearing their missionary kid stories...a thing we have in common. 
Jenni, Me and Joelle

Stacia, Jenni and myself met Mike and GG over at the church where we helped Ed and Jennifer set up for tomorrow's potluck dinner.

Shannon was upstairs and we took the opportunity to chat. We are sure going to miss Shannon and Lindsey. Tomorrow is their final service with our church body. 

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