Tuesday, July 18, 2023


I was up at 0500. I read a bit, journaled a bit and thought through the day. We are leaving on Thursday. I shopped yesterday. Tomorrow will be busy....we have a BIG family day and celebration happening.  Today I worked on taxes. We had an extension. I got everything I could ready. Michael spent some time trying to locate more info I couldn't access.  It turns out he couldn't either.  We've been waiting to do the FASA until we had our taxes done. We aren't expecting a grant but need to do it to get VA funding for Stacia. This is the tangled web up on the whiteboard. Pull on one string until it sticks and then pull on another string. ::snort::  Eventually, it will all pop free. 

Michael and I had a zoom visit with our church's new pastor and his wife. We'd visited before but never got around to talk about some specifics for our various ministries. 

Allie ran out for a haircut...she brought tea home and we had the last of the cookies - all of us sitting around the table - connecting. I think GG is wishing he could come fishing this year - but he hasn't said anything. He has refused to go the last two years. 

Stacia began working on her degree application, references, and four essays for Alaska Bible College. 

Allie got word her initial application was accepted and she began working on her degree application as well. She began knocking out the four required essays. Grandpa is pretty happy to have two girls going to Bible College. LOL 

I've done lots of laundry and we are putting it directly into the RV.  I began pulling some things from the cupboards to take with us. We've got meals here for Alex and GG. 

Michael ran to drop off taxes at our CPA's. 

He got home and Stacia and I ran to deliver 6 dz eggs...and then on to Eagle River to play with Noah for the evening. WELL - Stacia is playing with Noah, and I am playing with Noah a bit, but I'm working on the spreadsheet for fish camp, catching the blog up etc.  She wanted me to come along as there are a lot of hills in Eagle River and she wasn't 100% confident driving the manual up and down the hills...and I wasn't quite comfortable with her driving home after 9 p.m.  Don't know why - it won't be dark. It's just a mom thing, I guess. LOL 

I threw another two post it notes away today - such a satisfying feeling!  As I went to blog, I told Stacia this was a long week. She had a funny look on her face. I thought it was Friday; its only Tuesday. LOL 

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