Monday, July 17, 2023

Monday Adventures

 Michael, Allie and I left the house at 6:30 a.m. to drive to Anchorage. Our mission - be the first person in line at base where a couple of us needed new ID's for base access and be the first at the Social Security office where Michael needed to become Michael rather than the Mike, he's been all these years. LOL 

Pulling this off required Stacia to get up early and stay with GG. We discussed the best way to handle the morning routine, and, in the end, we simply skipped the shower, and she carried on from there. Nolan was on phone recall if there had been an emergency. 

On base we learned the office we were trying to get to at 7:30 didn't open until 8:00.  We arrived at 7:15 a.m. We WERE the first customers of the day... Allie and I decided to go find a coffee stand. Who knew?  We couldn't find a single drive through stand and the shoppette didn't have hot chocolate or chai. We headed back to the People Center and got our work done. 

We had plenty documentation to rush right through Social Security. Michael will not have a problem in a few years when he moves into receiving social security. We need to schedule an appointment with either some benefits officer or social security and figure out how everything changes when he turns 65. We know our insurance will and I think his disability or pension is reduced when he begins getting social security. Or something like that..... 

Krista and Luke had quite an adventure on Sunday, and we checked in to lay our own eyes on them. I've put it on a sticky note to blog their adventure, though Mike is lobbying for Krista to write the post. We met at Olive Garden where I discovered the endless soup. Good stuff. 

While Michael ran into Lowes, Allie and I ran into Crumbl Cookies. Livie, our granddaughter has told us how wonderful these cookies are. This was a good time to try them out. We picked up six cookies to take home as a yummy thank you to Stacia...and yeah, a treat for all of us. We stretched them for two tea times and a family table session. LOL 

Stacia received word her initial application to ABC has been accepted. She got a new list of things to get together to apply to her degree program. We had all those things on our board already as we knew it would be coming at some point. We got IDEA transcripts sent for both her and Allie to ABC. She also got her transcript from Global University sent to them. Allie should hear about her application tomorrow if they stay to schedule. LOL 

Shortly after we got back to our town, Allie went in to work. Stacia and I headed over to Bre's to help her take her van to the repair shop and then on to Three Bears to stock up on snacks and such for our upcoming fish camp. You know it's time for dipnetting when you buy a cartful of stuff you would never buy at any other time of the year. 
Isn't that view wonderful? 

Some may remember I was unable to attend camp last year.  The girls all decided to each take one of the communal dinners as I wasn't attending and couldn't do it. They decided they were each taking a meal again this year, so I only had to shop for ONE big meal rather than FIVE BIG meals. It is much simpler. I don't have to figure out meal costs, shop or collect money. If you cook a communal meal, you can eat all your other communal meals for free.  We are paying Alex to take a week off work and stay with GG. We are NOT attempting to get our limit this year...but we ARE going to enjoy our five nights away...together. 

Michael was at home doing a couple of repairs/upgrades on the trailer. He ended up needing to make another run to Lowes. We loaded groceries into the RV. 

I pulled 5 or 6 post it notes off the whiteboard today! 

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