Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Cruelest Sunday of the Year (DST)

It is my contention Daylight Savings Time is an obsolete idea - at least in Alaska. I may have to run for political office myself with a platform of abolishing the sadistic practice. 

In any case, we managed to make it to Eagle River for church on time.  Britt was preaching today, and it was good. She was the last in this series and spoke on singleness, with a challenge for community which was good for all of us to hear.  

I think Chepos/Eagle River is becoming our place. We certainly fill up the sunroom. Twelves of us today, plus two babies. 

Most of us took naps this afternoon. The girls and I, joined with Joseph and Rachel, and headed to Matanuska Assembly of God this evening to hear a special speaker, Dr. Daniel Nessim, from Chosen People Ministries.  

The girls are on spring break! 

1. Loved the focus on community and building relationships with those in different seasons of life than we are at church. 

2. Long Sunday naps. 

3. Friends and family with which to do life. 

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