Monday, March 11, 2024


This is the 13th anniversary of the Tohoku quake and tsunami, and it is Flannel Monday.   In the grief group at ACF we watched a series by Rick Warren. There was a session on lamenting. I need to find it again. He made a comment we can complain to God and its lament/WORSHIP.  But it is not lament if you complain about God. Sunday Pastor Britt commented in her sermon, "Complaining TO God is worship, complaining ABOUT God is rebellion!"  YES! This is what we are learning intimately. We can bring the dark places to God! We can! And so, this morning I worshipped God by trusting him enough to share my lament...

Today is the first day of Spring Break for the girls and all the kids I know. GG and I celebrated our first day of spring break by him taking a fall as we left to go to the dentist! In the end he had THREE cavities filled. Y'all - the total bill was over $900. It does make me more thankful to pay the dental insurance premium. LOL 

Stacia sent an open invite out to sibs and nieces and nephews that this would be her day to have everyone over.  When we got home Carrie, and the girls were here. Stacia and Liv were busy in the kitchen. This "Cookies!" cookbook is my best thrift store find ever! Stacia has baked from it for years. 

Today, the girls made Stacia's famous MnM covered brownies. While they baked Carrie, Michael and I had a nice conversation, and I was able to get snuggle time in with Josi as well. 

Josi Faith - 2 days shy of 5 weeks old

We received the keys to Josiah's car yesterday. Our goal today was to open it up and look for Livie's big Stitch and Josiah's infamous blue and black flannel hoodie. He wore this flannel sweatshirt/jacket for over 20 years. Both were retrieved. Michael is charging the battery. There were tears - but it wasn't as hard as we were all expecting. 

Nolan dropped by. We all had fun holding Josi, playing twister, eating brownies and just being together! 

Josi & Allie

Livie & Nolan

Nolan & Josi

We have a spinner, but they decided to have Nolan call out moves. When one plays this way such things as left elbow on yellow and left thumb on blue happens! 

Millie joins the game

Everyone headed home with promises to be here Saturday for March's Family Celebration.  I pulled some chicken soup out of the freezer, added a bit of broth and made grilled cheese sandwiches with our fresh baked sourdough for dinner. 

The girls ran the extra brownies over to the college dorm. 

I have finished blogging and they are just walking in the door. I believe we'll watch the last "Sign, Sealed, Delivered" movie. 

It's been a great first day of spring break! The girls slept in, Stacia baked, they hung out with family and Stacia stayed in PJ's all day. 

1. A God who can be worshiped with authentic emotions. 

2. Spring Break. 

3. Josi snuggles and conversation with Carrie. 

4. Tearful group hug for Michael, Carrie and I as Livie scurried around inside Josiah's car. 

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Deb Alix said...

"Complaining TO God is worship, complaining ABOUT God is rebellion!" This statement, wow! Love you and your family from afar. Always remember the Japan earthquake day 3/11 as it is also Bessie's plane day.