Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 10th - More

We also had Japanese lessons on the 10th of Feb. Akikosan brought us all sort of Japanese valentine things to sample. It was fun.  You can read more about how Valentine's Day is celebrated in Japan  here

I spent most the afternoon working on Chocolate roses for PWOC's Sweet Night for Deployed Wives

We were expecting a friend from PWOC, Carol Simpson in this evening.  She was to be the Comedian at Sweet Night and at a chapel event on Sunday night.  We were all praying the plane wasn't delayed, she figured out the train system and arrived on the 10th. Jess and I picked her up at 10:15 p.m.  Shew. She had quite the trip - starting with a canceled trip and having to take a taxi ride to LAX from Ontario, CA. LOL

We were blessed to have her here and I'll write more about the time as I catch up the blog. LOL

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